Airsoft Game – Hide or Seek

In this game play video, we are back at Gunman Airsoft in Tuddenham Suffolk and I have the choice of Hide or Seek.

It’s at the end of the day we are about to play our last game. It’s a Free-for-all, last man standing game. I am faced with that simple choice of Hide or Seek? Do I hide and wait it out? Or do I seek and hunt down the other players?

You can find out more about how to play at the website. I have also done a full in-depth review of the Gunman site.

The Story: Hide or Seek

The decision was to hide and sit it out.  There is a little tower / hut thing just in front of me, on the edge of the game zone. That’ll do me!

No need to lug my rig around, so I take it off and just grab my AEG.  I’d forgottenthat my external mic was still attached to my rig, so the audio for the rest of the video is coming from the side lines.

I’m happy with my spot – nice and cosy.  Elevated position, almost 360 cover.  I can wait it out and pick off any stragglers that pass my way.   We have 30 seconds to deploy and there are about 18 players in the game.

A couple of guys outside on the track had the idea to simple have a back-to-back pistols at dawn shoot out.  That took two out of the game already. Then I spot my team-mate Sasquatch walking back. It was a shock at how quick he was taken out. I quickly spot a late joined running into the game and I take him out.

This was all a flurry of action at the beginning of the game. But from there on things got a little quieter. I didn’t realise until I played back the audio from my mic on the side lines that my teammates were scheming against me.  They were planning o throw a grenade into my little cubby-hole but couldn’t are they were officially out of the game.

Waiting Game

After no action and many of the players already out, I became complacent and decided to sit on the steps up to the tower.  Unbeknown to me, the spectators thought I may have been spotted and could be in trouble. But I was lucky and go away with being eyeballed.

For about the next 6 minutes it was a relaxing waiting game, much to the bemusement of my teammates.  Of course, I have no idea how many players are left in the game.

With seconds to go on the clock, I heard some activity behind me.  Oh crap, it’s kicking off!  I scramble to my feet to see two players below.  I took out one, but couldn’t get the other

Then out of no-where behind me, another player chucks a grenade to my tower and I’m dead!

OK OK lesson learnt: In The Airsoft Game of Hide or Seek, don’t be complacent and drop your guard. Because it will only come back and frag you in the butt.

There can be only one

At the end of the game there were just 3 players remaining. However, there can be only one winner, so it time for a 3-way shoot out!

It’s between a chap called Call Sign Star in the red shirt, the chap I missed behind the bushes at the end for the free for all and the rotter that fragged me in the tower.  After a few moments of intense shot out game play – Frag man wins!

This game just some up the oodles of fun we had at Gunman Tuddenham.

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